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Record your formal objection to the Park Ridge Connector Road. The Connector Road Investigations that are currently being undertaken by Logan City Council and the Department of Main Road, are to determine if there is "a viable corridor". Many concerned citizens and local community do not believe there is a viable route because this road corridor is being proposed through existing residential and rural-residential communities and biodiverse environments that cannot be replaced.

The property with signs shown above at 292 Browns Plains Road ( 92 hectares) has great historical significance to family friends and the wider community. This property has been in family ownership since 1939 and every effort to conserve the environment has been made on this property. The family does not want to sell or develop this property wanting to preserve this for conservation purposes.

The 92 hectares [200 acres] represents an area that contains valuable remnant vegetation and biodversity that has not been surveyed since 1992 by the West Logan Environment Group. Because of its proximity to Karawatha it is logical to assume that this site will have high biodiversity values as well. The intact size of this property represents such valuable ecosystem service assets that they cannot be replaced or offset. Karawatha Forest has at least 27 frog species -  some likely to be on this bushland property as well as koalas, snakes, grey headed flying fox, owl species, gliders and other wildlife whose home range includes this area.

The property is critical in protecting the water quality of Scrubby Creek, and has critical connectivity to Berrinba Wetlands area. LACA Logan and Albert Conservation Association supports protecting with adequate buffering and connectivity of all waterways and wetlands. We do not support the degrading of waterways and water quality. Water quality is a critical issue for all rivers creeks and wetland areas in Logan - as recognized by council and community committment at the July Waterways Summit and LACAs campaign to Rebuild the Rivers.

All development and infrastructure to support an increasing population with its growing perceived need for more goods and commodities ie freight has a cost. This cost is not only the dollars needed to build these structures but also a cost to community wellbeing. We NEED CLEAN AIR CLEAN WATER and FOOD in that order so remain alive. We DO NOT NEED roads for freight.

Viable means capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are. Without knowing what biodiversity - plants and animals - are present across the landscape of the proposed corridor - and without having knowledge of the several established communities potentially affected, how can concerned citizens contribute to this "consultation" process in a meaningful way? As an "improved consultation process" this partnership is far too rushed and the integrity of the process may easily be challenged.  It was disappointing to read at PSA Consulting website 

"PSA Consulting has been appointed by Department of Transport and Main Roads to project manage the planning and preservation of a 'greenfield' corridor to extend the Gateway Motorway south of the Logan Motorway to Granger Road in the Park Ridge development area."


As we all know and Connectingseq2031 includes many projects and  money is not available for all. Will it be a tollway? If built if would connect to 2 existing tollways  - you decide.

THE BIG QUESTION FOR LACA AND COMMUNITY IS Can we tell government to go back to the drawing board again. 


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