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Save the Koala Month, AKF - awareness and fundraising

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 September 2012 02:08

koala-army logoSeptember is month allocated to Save the Koala Month, the annual awareness and fundraising initiative of the Australian Koala Foundation AKF. This year Donation Boxes will be on counters for you to donate at your local Newsagents, CUA branches and other outlets across Australia. However, this won't be enough, KOALAS, AKF and LACA need your help. We need people to order a donation box and place on a counter at your work, local gym or school.

Alternatively you can hold a fundraising event to help save koalas. Contact The AKF for advice and support.

All funds raised during the month of September will go directly to the instatement of the 'National Koala Act', a one-page piece of legislation which basically says:

"You cannot harm it, you cannot harm its joey and you cannot harm its habitat."

The AKF believes this is the only way to fully protect the koala and to stop the decline of koala numbers in the wild. LACA agrees that without protective legislation, koala populations will decline. Management Plans alone will not work as they include offsetting and mitigation. Great policy must be supported with legislation.

YOU CAN HELP by joining the AKF KOALA ARMY and by writing a letter. This page https://www.savethekoala.com/koala-army/send-letter has a sample letter and contact details for state and federal ministers. You can also talk to your local members.

We must all do our bit to keep a healthy koala population in the wild. Survival in a zoo must not be the fate of our national icon the koala.

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