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SPOTTED-TAILED QUOLLS share our bushland habitat.

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 September 2012 01:58

quoll3_000The elusive cryptic spotted-tailed quolls are around with many sightings recorded in Greenbank, North Maclean, Chambers Flat and nearby areas.. Wildlife Queensland have a QUOLL SEEKERS NETWORK. The image is that of a quoll in captivity at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast.

Australia has four species of quoll: the spotted-tailed, the northern, eastern and western quoll. The spotted-tailed quoll and the smaller northern quoll are both found in Queensland. Spotted-tailed quolls are Australia's largest native marsupial carnivore.

QSN Quoll Seekers Network is free to join and welcomes and encourages new members. There is also a quoll sightings form which LACA encourages you to use.  We also ask that if you see a spotted-tailed quoll in Logan or Scenic Rim areas you contact LACA President Anne Page This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This species is federally protected under EPBC Act which means that development which could potentially impact on the survival of the species should be referred to the federal government.

Location map for species is available here. and the draft "significant impact" guidelines can be accessed here.

Greatest threats to our local quolls - and quolls everywhere - include land clearing, loss of habitat features such as hollow bearing trees, logs and earth burrows, competition from foxes, wild dogs and feral cats, road traffic, poisoning and trapping.

LACA has become aware that several proposed developments in areas where quolls are most likely to live have not been referrred to federal government. One such proposal is that by ULDA. Unfortunately a large area of habitat has already been cleared without essential studies being done that we are aware of.

LACA has on several occasions alerted DEWHA Department of the Environment,Water,Heritage and the Arts to the threatening  situation. Please help us protect the quoll by reporting all sightings.

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