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The future we want

FUTURE-you-decideGlobally the United Nations is preparing for RIO+20.  20 years after the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development - people from all over the world will gather and discuss how to best manage our common future in a sustainable and lasting way. There is opportunity for all to either write your own message, or agree on any of the already published messages. To look at the messages go to this link.

There are two main themes Green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication and the institutional framework needed.

Australia is a member state and you can see what our country has done here.

At a South East Queensland non government organization level LACA has participated at a FOSEQ (Friends of South East Queensland) workshop to present our concerns that will be taken to RIO. Several members of Australia's UN bodies also attended.  There is a Queensland / Brisbane branch of the United Nations if you want more information or wish to become involved. FOSEQ is based on the principles of the UN Earth Charter.

Although an international conference might seem remote from us in SEQ Logan and Scenic Rim your thoughts and vision are wanted and internet makes that conversation quite easy. See what others have contributed already here and submit your own. Of course LACA would be delighted for you to tell us so that we can make a link on our website.

Sustainablity is the key term - what does it mean? It was first defined in 1992. Sustainability calls for a decent standard of living for everyone today without compromising the needs of future generations - a challenging goal. This writer agrees with the wise words of David Suzuki "We have failed to address the fundamental truth that endless growth is imposible in a finite world".  In addition our human population is the elephant in the room.

A future worth choosing must be based on true costs to people and the environmentstate the UN's "Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing" report

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