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Koalas at risk with tree clearing changes

Last Updated on Thursday, 06 June 2013 22:46

All existing koala habitat is essential for the future well being of Logan's resident koala population. And importantly all populations contribute to the genetic pool for the species and wide diversity is a potential safe guard in the event of a disaster such as bushfires which can deplete a koala population in that area. Though LACA Logan and Albert Conservation Association is advocating here for the iconic koala, this is an umbrella species for all. Without the flying fox - pollinator of eucalypts - only food source for the koala the fate of the koala is not certain. Tree clearing changes introduced by Newman government will we fear have dire consequences 

Long term advocate for all environmental issues Barry Fitzpatrick has had an article published in Albert and Logan News. We thank them for publishing our concerns. If you also are concerned make sure that all your elected representative know. Use media eg comment on article in letter to editor, phone write email your local member - at all 3 levels of government.

Importantly also - REPORT ANY and ALL KOALA SIGHTINGS. 

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