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Concerns about process at 820 Greenbank Rd North Maclean in PDA Greater Flagstone

Last Updated on 30 April 2017

GREATER FLAGSTONE is supposed to be one of Queensland's  "master planned satellite cities" with planning decisions made by state government - not local councils. 

Yet Queensland Government agency DEPARTMENT OF INFRASTRUCTURE, LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND PLANNING has not included local community in any of its planning meetings for North Maclean proposed Enterprise Precinct. There have obviously been detailed meetings with local government Logan City Council and developers as revealed when DAs are added to EDQ website for PDAs.

820GreenbankRd satellite view outlineCurrently a seach shows that there are 11 applications relating to Greater Flagstone and 30 applications that have been approved - some in Pub Lane, Teviot Road, Jimboomba, North Maclean, Undullah, Kagaru, New Beith, Cedar Grove. There has never been any community consultation arranged for these 31 applications and as a "master planned city" there is NO CONCEPT PLAN for the "city" which is devoid of adequate infrastructure.

Public notification has not been well displayed - if at all.

820 Greenbank Road is DEV2015/727 by The Planning Place  Lot 2 on RP868726 has 14 documents

 Action Community has delayed a decision date for 15-20 days after 27 January - apparently an extension granted by applicant?

This gives community and concerned residents more time to make further representations to EDQ state MPs and local politicans.

Submitted Application



No consultation in PDA at North Maclean EP for 820 Greenbank Road

Last Updated on 30 April 2017

NO DECISION YET for 820 Greenbank Rd .
The decision timeline has been extended by 15-20 days apparently because the applicants have agreed to this.
This gives our community more time to lobby and get organized. This is a small win but an important one which has come about as a result of successflly campaigning on behalf of the community.

Please see next article for ideas to help you MAKE YOUR OWN SUBMISSION

This comes despite the verbal assertion by state government planning assessment officer is that a

decision will be made on or before Wednesday 27 January 2016.

Community is being denied a formal consultation process but despite this we can - and should - communicate our concerns to  state and federal government!! 



Last Updated on 21 May 2016

What is happening re NORTH MACLEAN and proposed ENTERPRISE PRECINCT NMEP?

and what YOU can do now.

Have you signed the petition yet - and shared?


The decision from the EPBC section of federal government under Federal MP Greg Hunt is still pending. Those of us in community who were appalled by the lack of information provided for assessment understand that more information has been requested by EPBC assessment team.

Regardless of the conditions still to be set down by EPBC, community will then raise our concerns with the Queensland State government and specifically EDQ which is the planning authority for PDAs

 Further information can be checked from the following link


NORTH MACLEAN is part of the Greater Flagstone UDA and included in the approved Development Scheme available at http://www.dilgp.qld.gov.au/resources/plan/pda/greater-flagstone-development-scheme.pdf

Community action must continue with State Government to achieve best possible outcomes for environment and community.  

To date development favours development industry without genuine accountability for quadruple bottom line targets.

Consider joining our conservation organisation. Always keep an eye out for wildlife and


Engage with your community - face to face - or online. We have formed a group 

Logan Community Environment Watch


TIMELINE - brief history of proposed North Maclean as an industrial precinct

Last Updated on 26 November 2015

“A proposal to establish a single area for light industries may be favourably considered in the Maclean area ”  (Beaudesert Shire Council Strategic Plan 1996)

Pre 1996 North Maclean was zoned rural residential – industrial use was not compatible in this area

1996 Beaudesert shire council changed the zoning of an area at North Maclean to industry on their strategic plan. There was never any community consultation about the suitability of industry in an existing rural residential area.

July 2005 SEQRP released identifying Mt Lindesay North Beaudesert Area (Mt Lindesay North     Beaudesert Area) for further investigation

October 2005 Office of Urban Management OUM (State Government)  Mt Lindesay North Beaudesert Investigation for South-East Queensland Regional Plan ( SEQRP Amendment 1). North Maclean Enterprise Precinct (industrial area) extended from the Mt Lindesay Highway to the Greenbank interstate railway line.

Jan-March 2006 A community group north Beaudesert Shire Action Group NBSAG surveyed almost 1000 people  - 89% opposed industry at North Maclean.                                                                    

North Maclean Enterprise Precinct was added to the South-East Queensland Regional Plan  (Amendment 2006). 

March 2007 Beaudesert Shire Council ordinary meeting moved –

there is no need or justification for the North Maclean Enterprise Precinct …industrial land can be met in other developments across the shire

May 2007 Beaudesert shire council requested the OUM remove the North Maclean industrial area –

 “it is constrained by powerlines, flooding and environmental considerations, plus the need for buffering to nearby rural residential areas …North Maclean is not required…the area should be removed from the SEQRP”


Logan Community Environment Watch - public group

Last Updated on 30 April 2017

New public group on Facebook so that community can participate in discussions  on any planning proposals that impact community and environment within Logan City boundaries. There are currently several planning proposals / development applications DA  / material change of use MCU that have not / do not make adequate provisions for appropriate community consultations. 

The Greater Flagstone PDA covers a total area of 7188 hectares. It is located west of the Jimboomba and the Mount Lindesay Highway, along the Brisbane-Sydney rail line. It includes part of the suburb of NORTH MACLEAN and the area being identified as NMEP North Maclean Enterprise Precinct. This was previously called MLNBSA Mt Lindesay North Beaudesert Study Area in the SEQRP Southeast Queensland Regional Plans.

This public group invites community members to join, after reading description of guidelines of participation. Click image to go to Facebook.

LoganCommunityEnvironmentWatch FB


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