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Logan West Parklands

logan-west-parklandsA draft master plan has been prepared to guide the future development of Logan West Parklands, which will be located minutes from the Park Ridge town centre on the Mt Lindesay Highway Service Road, next to Park Ridge High School.

Council officers will be available at the following locations to discuss the master plan.

Council officers will be available to discuss the master plan. Last opportunity to comment on the Draft Landscape Master Plan with planners is at Park Ridge Village Mt Lindesay Hwy Service Rd Thursday 22 July 2 pm to 4 pm.

Documents council have currentl made available can be viewed or downloaded from this page.

What is not included for our background studies is the Flora and Fauna Management Plan. This is a contentious issue as such documents are essential components to all development plans - but are most often not readily accessible.

This is  being envisioned as a tourist mecca. As such the online feedback at ask the following - most of which focus on the built environment and not the natural environment. Management of each and scenic amenity of each is vastly different.

What activities or facilities would make you and your family spend the day at Logan West Parklands?

What would be in your dream playground that we can include here?

What outdoor events would you like to see at Logan West Parklands?

Do you have any other comments, ideas or suggestions?

How could the environment centre become a valued asset for the Logan community?

The FAQs offer some suggestions you might like to comment on.


Q. How will you manage the kangaroos that currently reside in the parkland?

To minimise the impact on the kangaroo population, Council commissioned a Flora and Fauna Management Plan. This will guide the park's development in a way that is sympathetic to their needs.

The Flora and Fauna Management Plan recommends:

providing alternative grazing areas to discourage the kangaroos moving through the entire recreational precinct

designing lighting to prevent 'spillage' into bushland areas

locating noise generating activities in the metro park zone

Visitors will be advised not to feed any of the kangaroos through signage and education. It is hoped that over time the kangaroos will be a popular attraction at the site.

Council will continue to ensure adequate measure are in place to maintain public safety.

Q. Environmental connections

The site is important for providing habitat for a range of animals, including the kangaroos and other migratory species.

It is an important stepping stone between large patches of remnant bushland, such as Boronia Bushland Reserve and the Greenbank Military Reserve.

It is linked to the south by scattered vegetation on properties to other areas of remnant bushland.

Q What is the Bushland Conservation Zone?

The vegetation of the bushland conservation zone is protected by state government laws preventing removal. It is made up of three types of vegetation:


Open-forest - Eucalyptus racemosa
The excellent environmental condition of this area is a result of minimal infestation by weeds and the presence of a range of habitat features for native animals.

Open-forest - Melaleuca quinquenervia
The forest is mature and relatively undisturbed apart from some weeds along the forest edges. It provides a habitat for a range of animals and protects the drainage line.

Woodland - Allocasuarina littoralis
This area consists of a small patch dominated by Black She-oak (Allocasuarina littoralis). The understory is generally sparse due to a deep layer of leaf litter that has suppressed vegetation regeneration. This vegetation is of special significance as it is the ONLY FOOD SOURCE for the vulnerable Glossy Black Cockatoo

While Logan City Council is to be commended for its well structured feedback opportunities and acknowledging the importance of ecological connections there is - in my opinion - a conflict of interest between a recreational metro park zone and adjacent bushland conservation zone - with a possible environment education centre in the mix.

Community input is essential to obtain a balanced view.  


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