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Keep Karawatha Forest a Conservation Area

Karawatha Forest is a conservation area of unique value.

It is listed in the globally respected PPBio with items such as the Amazon Rainforest. It is a sensitive environment for both local plants and animals. It is part of a State Government gazetted corridor stretching from Karawatha Forest to the QLD NSW border.

The Brisbane City Council has an excellent program to develop Oxley Creek as a unique Flora and Fauna watching experience for local and international visitors. A visit to Karawatha Forest can be a supplementary activity for these visitors to see unique wildlife in another Australian ecosystem. This helps bring tourist dollars and jobs to the area.

The Forest has been acquired with funds from the Bushland Levy and with donations from the State Government
“to preserve the natural environment by conserving the ecology of the Forest”.

We petition the Brisbane City Council to abide by the original objective for the acquisition of all parts of Karawatha Forest and to:

  • develop safe walking trails in Karawatha Forest
  • have signage encouraging people to use ONLY walking trails
  • have an advertising program encouraging ecotourism in Oxley Creek and Karawatha Forest
  • exclude any wheeled vehicle, particularly mountain bikes and quad bikes. ( Vehicles for the Disabled and prams are allowed ) 
  • exclude pets ( Assistance Dogs allowed )
  • resource effective monitoring of conditions of entry in order to safeguard the biodiversity and sensitive integrity of the Forest.

Karawatha Forest has 2 road frontages with Logan City and is a great asset to residents of and visitors to Logan. 

LACA encourages all who appreciate and value the ecosystem services provided by a forested area to sign the petition

Keep Karawatha Forest a Conservation Area petition 

It is also important that politicians at all levels of government hear from those of us who enjoy the quiteness the forest watching and observing the flora and fauna of the forest.

This is an especially important aspect of mental health and wellbeing.

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