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principle_10_value-biodiversityThe Logan and Albert Conservation Association (LACA) does not support the use of critical ecosystems and habitat, wetland areas or areas of biodiversity for transport infrastructure corridors.

LACA does not support the degradation or loss of habitat, wetlands, biodiversity, or ecological corridors. For these reasons, LACA does not support any road corridor or any other infrastructure corridor that would degrade and remove the biodiversity, habitat or ecosystem functions and services for the area between the Logan Motorway and the Logan River.

LACA recognizes the value of protecting critical habitats, ecosystems, wetlands, riparian areas and biodiversity assets such as those at Karawatha Forest, Berrinba, 'Rosicrucian' land, Scrubby Creek, habitat that remains south of the Logan Motorway, Jerry's Downfall Reserve, Chambers Creek and the Logan River and its tributaries.

Calculation of the potential future carbon footrprint and offset now and in the future and providing this information to the community for accountability is essential to evaluate viability.

Investment in developing a SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT PLAN which will reduce need to construct any further roads for motor vehicles including public transport options, comprehensive bicycle / motorized scooters/wheelchair lanes and independent mobility devices for disabled should be considered as a viable alternative to new motorways.

Globally many countries are applying The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity [TEEB] PRINCIPLES to account for real cost of exploitation of natural environment for built infrastructure. These reports are available at Our local and state governments would find these useful tools for evaluating loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

As a member of the CSRG LACA submitted OUR ENVIRONMENTAL VALUES. See them here.pdf environmental_values_LACA_PARK_RIDGE_CONNECTOR_ROAD.pdf 142.99 Kb 05/11/2011, 12:54


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