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HOPE at Hopenhagen

hopenhagenAt this pivotal moment when odds are against global accord and stakes are high, the citizens of the world have the opportunity to lead their leaders toward moments of courage and monumental solutions.  While there won't be an election at COP15 per se, you can vote for smarter development, responsible leadership in business and government, and a more sustainable way of life by signing the United Nations Climate Petition at

The petition, along with the names of signatories, will be presented to the delegates during the final week of the conference. After all, it's our future they're deciding. Don't we deserve a say?  Climate change is a global problem and COP15 the only truly, global election to decide where we go from here. The UN Climate Change Petition is your ballot and Hopenhagen your voting booth, at least for now. So vote for change at

While global warming and its causes may be far from irrefutable, it's time to remind the world's political and business leaders that we don't need scientific consensus to foresee the positive results  of taking action to protect nonrenewable resources and reject unsustainable practices.

We have the technology to mitigate the negative externalities of human activity; we know the strength of our economies and the longevity of our species may ultimately depend on achieving an enduring harmony with our environment; we see that the health of our businesses and the loyalty of their consumers can be fortified by concerted pursuit of such a goal; so why would we allow scientific argument (or its fictitious absence) to throw us from an intuitive course towards self-preservation and prosperity?
To sign the United Nations Climate Change Petition, visit


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