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Why survey local fauna in Munruben Greenbank North Maclean areas?

spotted_tail_quoll__wwf_fredy_mercay_1_178962_panda.orgLogan and Albert Conservation Association aka LACA president, Anne Page, is spending her holidays visiting residents in the areas Murnuben Greenbank North Maclean. She is doing this to collect the much needed data about wildlife or fauna presently living in these treed or vegetated areas.

She will leave a letter if residents are not at home when she visits. Why you may ask does one volunteer to talk to walk around these areas in the hope of gathering local residents' sightings of native animals seen on properties in these areas?

Anne intends to start on the southern side of Stoney Camp Rd and do the perimeter properties around the large farm at Greenbank east of Teviot Rd first. Then she will go North Maclean area and work through properties adjacent to Wearings Reserve in Munruben . Each interview will probably take a minimum of 30 mins (as per experience) . She hopes to do as many as she has time for in the next 2 weeks and then keep going after the school holidays.


Street record with contact details and a separate recording sheet as VETO did for each property will be collated, but Anne will focus on iconic / rare species rather than all fauna (as per long VETO list with many common species). Pictures of fauna and id books will be used to help people identify if possible.

The federally listed endangered spotted-tailed quoll has been seen in these areas. This native animal has quite distinctive behaviours and features. LACA helped funa research project when the North Maclean Enterprize Project was first proposed and included as an investigation area in the SEQ Regional Plan.

NBSAG  was formed to gather data from local residents and respond to the SEQ Regional Plan during the SEQRP consultation phase. The group succeeded in having the then Beaudesert Shire Council recommend the precint be removed from the SEQRP. With the later plan it still remains an investigation area for industrial activities.

Logan and Albert Conservation Association aka LACA have been denied access to all background studies relating to this planning - since 2005. Neither Scenic Rim or Logan will provide access - but these documents are part of the basis for the planning for planning - now in Logan.

We are very concerned that adequate fauna studies - and also flora - have not been conducted to allow our governments to make decisions about these areas based on sound planning and data. If governments believe an area no longer has ecological values then poor decisions can be made.

If  governments do not know what local community value then decisions can be made that fail to cater for your lifestyle choices. All too often those with most financial gains to be made have the ear of governments.

Business as usual will not produce any ecologically sustainable development. With huge population targets set for Logan at Greater Flagstone and Yarrabilba, our local area, its wildlife and habitat will be subject to a lot of pressure to accept what is proposed. Already speakers at Logan's population forum said YES LOGAN CAN HANDLE THE LOAD.

Master planned communities built on an already barren block of land can provide human settlement options for living sustainably - but what is the cost to all if we clearfell forests - and hills -  to build a master planned community?

Fauna date collected will be sent to Wildnet - the government site for this information - which is then accessible to everyone. This may be the only data that is collected in our area!

You may also enter your data on our LACAs online tool - which is also sent to Wildnet.

Please contact Anne via our contact form on website if you have any wildlife concerns.


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