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End current destructive land clearing regime

BarryFitzpatrick LACA vegetationLACA will take the opportunity on

Sunday 2 pm, 20 March 2016 at

Shailer Park State High School Hall

to call for stronger than ever vegetation clearing laws, given the recent report by WWF World Wildlife Fund that during the Newman government year 2013-14 around 300 000 hectares (including 40 000 ha of Koala habitat) was cleared compared to a total of 77 000 ha in 2009-10.

The 2013-14 rate of clearing under the Newman government put Queensland back up with Brazil and Indonesia as the worst in the world for deforestation. Biodiversity is now fast approaching tipping points in Queensland and the greenhouse gases released by this level of clearing have severely limited Australia’s chances of meeting its climate change mitigation targets.

Come to the meeting next Sunday, get the facts from a panel of speakers and have a chance to ask questions and have your say about the need for stronger vegetation clearing laws in Queensland.’

Barry Fitzpatrick is a long term passionate advocate and campaigner and LACA's spokesperson about the environment - in particular wetlands, Great Barier Reef and climate change.

Speakers from the Wilderness Society will also be leading discussion. Both organisations LACA Logan and Albert Conservation Association and the Wilderness Society understand that if we don't take actions to reduce climate emissions it will have deeply negative impacts on our natural environment, the Great Barrier Reef and all that rely on both.

The state of vegetation clearing in Queensland revealed by a CO2 study commissioned by the Wilderness Society is alarming and reveals concering discrepancies. Lyndon Schneiders, national campaigns director of the Wilderness Society, says the new data shows

 Australia is “lying to the world and lying to ourselves” about the true state of greenhouse emissions.

Read the coverage of the situation from The Guardian 

LACA appreciates the opportunty to particiate at this public forum. LACA does not support particular political parties but does support good policy and is encouraged that the Queensland Government ALP Member for Springwood is hosting. 

Let's come together on Sunday to discuss our ideas to be presented  in parliament to help formulate the good policy that is needed to protect our shared environment.

Persicaria elatior featured as plant of the month April 2009. Listed as vulnerable under the Queensland Nature Conservation Act, Persicaria elatior has rarely been seen in Queensland, being recorded by the Queensland Herbarium only 6 times before this discovery - at Cornubia Wetlands Reserve

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