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The ISDS campaign

Last Updated on 06 December 2015

The ISDS campaign

After climate change, ISDS is the greatest threat we face as environmentalists in this country.

ISDS in the Trans Pacific Partnership and other free trade deals: ‘Environmental ‘end of days’?

The recent Climate Rallies were great demonstrations of community commitment and engagement, with up to 10000 people in Brisbane, 60000 in Melbourne and Sydney. But that kind of democratic action will come to mean little under the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) with Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) inclusions. 

In the future, peaceful environment rallies and court challenges against huge coal mines or gas hubs will simply be by-passed and over-ridden in offshore arbitration tribunals, away from our legal system, by multinationals using the ISDS weapon in free trade deals like the TPP. We will have no say through our customary democratic or legal processes. Even State Governments and local council regulations can be subject to ISDS attack under the TPP.

While mumbling that he has negotiated protections for the environment, what  Federal Trade Minister, Andrew Robb is really ecstatic about is that he has managed to deliver, embedded in the TPP, the perfect neoliberal solution to curtailing what he and his conservative colleagues have been calling ‘green tape’ and ‘lawfare’.  

And the TPP with its ISDS clauses, is certainly not going to offer the environment any ‘protection’. New York arbitration lawyer George Kahale, chairman of the world’s leading legal arbitration firm – Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP said about ISDS in the TPP: 

‘If the trade minister (Andrew Robb) is saying, “We’re not at risk for regulating environmental matters”, then the trade minister is wrong

Other commentators agree: 


How wide is Mt Lindesay Highway?

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

How wide is Mt Lindesay Highway? How many lanes?

LACA's  webmaster has received an anonymous email request to correct our data about the number of lanes planned for Mt Lindesay Highway. The anonymous request stated that Mt Lindesay Highway would be only 6 lanes wide. Logan and Albert Conservation members have had many meeting with officers from Mains Road - especially since the upgrade at Jerry's Downfall Reserve in the Chambers Creek Catchment.

What has been engineered there does not include adequate wildlife provisions. Due to LACA's repeated insistance some modifications have been made.

At Jerry's Downfall Reserve in the Chambers Creek Catchment there are 4 service lanes with an unacceptably high speeed limit with the intention to upgrade the main carriageway from the current 4 lanes to 6 lanes.

In my calculations that is 10 lanes. LACA has had detailed discussions with Main Roads designers about the length of the proposed wildlife dry culvert under the completed road construction. There is no evidence that wildlife will travel the necessary 100 metres under the road.

This is Main Roads best 'mitigation' for wildlife in this wetland catchment area. Any other would cost too much? This was the best outcome offered even after meeting with environmental sections at Logan and former EPA now DERM officers. This has been ongoing since 2005 and continues. Original consultation was 2002, approved when money became available.

It is a game of semantics - or misinformation - to insist it is only 6 lanes. Long term 10 lanes to Beaudesert is the 'vision' - unless it changes?

LACA appreciates that our website is being followed and we appreciate being advised of any errors. 


Coal seam gas protest in Scenic Rim

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Getting-Daniel-down CSG-rigFrom the organizers KEEP THE SCENIC RIM SCENIC - Sunday 15 January is peaceful 'truce' period, so let's make sure Arrow Energy sees strong community unity in this matter. This deal may ensure no drilling in the Scenic Rim for an extended period, but it cannot be achieved without local pressure. As your representative in these negotiations, we feel we are making progress, but we know we must maintain the blockade, by showing a united community in opposition. People from Coal Seam Gas CSG affected communities across Australia are also joining us to show strenth in numbers. See our website for location info.

Reflections on our progress from Bob Irwin, father of the late Steve Irwin, who stood on the blockade with us yesterday:

"KTSRS have made more progress in 24 hours than the combined anti-CSG movement has made in 6 months. This is truly a watershed moment for the fight against CSG"

This website is collecting tv coverage ... brilliant resource! Click here to be directed.

Follow / join the group on Facebook and visit website at this link KEEP THE SCENIC RIM SCENIC.


LACA AGM JULY - election of new executive officers PLUS

Last Updated on 23 July 2014


wild-spirit GUEST SPEAKER ANNETTE HENDERSON - Greenbank resident and author of Wild Spirit

at our



 The AGM is for the election of new executive officers and a report on previous year's activities.

Click on book image to find out more about the book. Annette and her husband share seven acres of bushland near Brisbane with koalas, wallabies, powerful owls, over 100 species of native birds. Come along, be entertained learn and share with her. Some background reading for this amazing person is available here .

This will certainly be an AGM to remember. Mark your calendar. Prompt start at 7.30pm





Last Updated on 12 March 2012


Scenic Rim Wildlife Amateur Photographic Competition - Digital


YOUR PHOTOS ARE WANTED now and until August

displayed 7 - 12 September 2010

Bird Week at Mt Barney Lodge

Two open Categories

A   Wildlife in Scenic Rim Region Only

B   Wildlife in Natural Environment (Australian)

Two Categories for Children under 12 years – free to enter and 13 years to 18- entry fee is required

C   Wildlife in Scenic Rim Region Only

D  Wildlife in Natural Environment (Australian)


All photography must be the original work of photographer. Entries will not be accepted of any family pets, farms animals, or zoo animals.

Entries closing date  midnight 10th July 2010.

All entries must be submitted via FLICKR group page. Entry fees and forms are online from this website.


There are many environmental benefits to displaying or publishing our wildlife and nature photographs on the internet - especially to a free public social networking community such as Flickr.com. This has become a very common practice for millions of people and gives us an opportunity to showcase the beauty and mystery of wildlife and its essential habitats to a wide audience.

It is often necessary to see something to appreciate it. By our collaboration and collection of Scenic Rim Wildlife we are providing an opportunity for more to see and learn.

It is also great good fun to visit Scenic Rim Region natural areas and try to capture and take the winning shot.


All information is available on this next page   

If you need assistance with any aspect of entering please tell us so we can help you!

If you have any difficulty please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Last Updated on 12 March 2012

LINE IN THE SAND: Protesters say they will appeal even if Environment Minister Peter Garrett approves the Traveston Dam. Picture: John Wilson
Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts Peter Garrett's  MEDIA RELEASE - PROPOSED "NO" DECISION FOR TRAVESTON is welcome news to many Queenslanders and environmental scientists and concerned citizens.  MR_Traveston_Dam_111109.pdf 66.03 Kb 11/11/2009, 16:27

There are now 10 business days for ministers to comment before a final decision. When asked if he had ever changed a proposed decision at this stage, the answer was no.

The transcript of Minister Garrett's press conference is also available.  TRANSCRIPT_Traveston_111109.pdf 61.75 Kb 11/11/2009, 17:54

Australia's environment is of importance to all Australians , and protection of the three threatened species - Mary River cod, Mary River turtle and the lungfish for which Australia also has international obligations continues to be nationally protected  under the EPBC act by applying a precautionary principle.

If you want to be part of the action when the final decision comes down send a text to 0409 574 047, and include your name and the words NO DAM in the text message. keep up to date by visting the campaign website http://www.stoppress.com.au/

We commend all those concerned citizens for their dedication and efforts to protect the Mary valley and all its species. Follow their activities http://www.savethemaryriver.com/ and their anxious wait reported in media here.

The day before this proposed decision saw Wide Bay Burnett Conservation Council sought to admit a lungfish report in the Federal Court in Brisbane which the judge dismissed. This article http://www.thechronicle.com.au/story/2009/11/10/no-damgroupspreparefor-court/ provides opportunties to follow links comments and opinions about the controversial Traveston dam.



Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Photo by Joan McVilly - Wild Mountains

1989 - 2009



At the 2009 AGM Andy Grodecki, one of the founding members of the Logan and Albert Conservation Association Inc LACA, has stepped out of a management team position to encourage newer members to fill that position . The first president of LACA Richard Zoomers was present to give us an update on the Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves of Australia CERRA - now called Gondwana Rainforests of Australia. Richard is LACAs representative on community advisory commitee CAC.

Also present was Joan McVilly who has also served as LACA president. Joan gave us an update on the transition town movement in the Scenic Rim Region - with its first workshop held at Wild Mountains August 2008 and 6 monthly Transition Living Camps are planned. In addition Joan has been consulting with representatives to organize a memorial Rotunda for Ruth Westerman who, before her death, was LACAs auditor for many years. Construction of the rotunda is expected to start this year.

Our 2009 - 2010 LACA president is Anne Page who has been secretary for the past two years. The position of secretary and minute secretary is held by Jason Taylor. Carla Parker remains our treasurer  and both Vice Presidents are continuing - Kathy Faldt and Ted Fensom.


Senate call for tougher land clearing laws

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

land-clearing.jpgFederal environment laws must be overhauled to toughen controls on land clearing and impose tighter restrictions on ministerial powers, a Senate report says - reported by ROSSLYN BEEBY in The Land 26/03/2009.

The report raises concerns about the inability to challenge ministerial decisions on development approvals, endangered species listings or recovery plans for threatened plants and wildlife.
Co-director of the Australian National University's centre for climate law, Andrew Macintosh, has also questioned the cost-effectiveness of the Federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, which was passed in 1999 and amended in 2006.

The Senate report says several submissions to the inquiry investigating the Act's effectiveness, suggested it ''does not actually protect or require protection of anything'' and falls short of meeting Australia's international obligations under the World Heritage agreement.



Last Updated on 12 March 2012


Oil spill along Moreton Island, South-east Queensland AAP David Hunt

Up to 100,000 litres of heavy grade fuel oil is now smothering south-east Queensland's coast after the tanker, the MV Pacific Adventurer, was damaged on Tuesday in rough seas. The tanker's 31, six-metre cargo containers, containing around 600 tonnes of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, are still lost at sea somewhere off the coast of Stradbroke Island.

How to Help
The Australian Marine Conservation Society has been inundated with calls from the public asking how they can help. We are urging people to work with authorities and stay away from the oil spill as it is a highly toxic heavy grade bunker oil.

People who want to help are asked to register their support by calling the government hotline on 1800 216 723. The clean up of the major pollution zones is best left to the professionals who are using a combination of heavy equipment and specialist techniques.


Logan celebrates its great wetlands

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

springmtnwetlands.jpgFebruary 2 each year is when the world's peoples celebrate World Wetlands Day.  Logan City  has many diverse wetland habitats which all contribute towards making a healthy ecosytem we all prefer. Logan City Council have developed a new web page, part of www.logan.qld.gov.au, to inform the community about the importance of preserving local wetlands and waterways.

"Many people probably don't think about how much their day-to-day activities can impact on our wetland areas, especially if they don't live nearby. It's important for us all to know though, that we can all be impacted by activities which happen 'upstream' from us, while also affecting 'downstream' environments through our actions," Cr McLindon said recently. He was Logan City Council Environment and Sustainability Committee Chairperson, but has stepped out of chair position now.

"Logan City has many important and diverse wetlands. These ecosystems are complex and play key roles, not only ecologically, but also from recreational, aesthetic and cultural heritage perspectives. Our wetlands at Carbrook, Eagleby, Berrinba and Spring Mountain provide refuge to rare, threatened and migratory animals, but also drain to Moreton Bay, which is why we should all remember that our actions can impact on a wider scale."


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