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3rd public protest meeting No PRC (Park Ridge Connector) Motorway

Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:20

oppose-the-road-mtg13rd public protest meeting No PRC (Park Ridge Connector) Motorway

Next meeting: Information Session.

Tuesday, 22 Nov at 7pm,

Logan Reserve State School, Corner of Logan Reserve Rd and School Rd.

Did you miss one of our first two public meetings? Do you want to know more?

Come along to our Information Session. We will be revisiting the information presented at our first two public meetings (over 230 local residents at each meeting).

 Visit group website at   http://www.noprc.org/ 

Read what has been said in forums here   http://www.noprc.org/apps/forums/show/6377177-general-discussion If you'd like to add your comments or reply to what is already posted you will have to register. Follow local community comments also on FACEBOOK.

THIS IS YOUR HOME YOUR COMMUNITY WHERE YOU LIVE IN HARMONY WITH LOCAL FREE ROAMING WILDLIFE - kangaroos koalas frogs redbacked fairy wrens and even the elusive cryptic carnivorous quoll has been seen by some lucky residents, reptiles gliders and powerful owls to name some of our wildlife species.

Unfortunately the planners and consultants do not share our vision and our values. If decisions are left to them our descendants will only see wildlife in zoos.

Elsewhere on our single planet we are talking about sustainable development where the ecosystem services provided by the natural  environment are valued and preservation of those services is prized.


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