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Logan elections - meet local candidates

Last Updated on 30 September 2012

Aussie-wildlife-not-roadsFull details of all candidates are available from Electoral Commission Queensland website here. For your convenience LACA has created this document pdfLCC_Elections_2012_CANDIDATES.pdf

The divisions of 4, 7, 9 and 11 have large areas of undeveloped busland which are home to many native animals and remnant bushland with significant plant species. Division 9 seat is not contested. Division 8 is also not contested. It is home also to some large acreage - see image - which will be destroyed should PARK RIDGE CONNECTOR be approved by the new state government.

Logan Country Chamber of Commerce have arranged a meet the candidate night at PUB LANE TAVERN for Wednesday 18 April 2012 for Disision 11 candidates.

This was to have been our LACA JIMBOOMBA MEETING night. However the exec have decided to forgo that meeting to allow residents to access which candidate they will vote for. LACA exec members will be at the Pub Lane Tavern forum.

Think carefully what you value about living in a rural residential area and access how each candidate will take your voice to council. All councillors have opportunity to vote on all issues [unless there is a conflict of interests]. It is important that those who become a Chair of Committee are willing to listen to residents from all areas and it is also important that councillors are familiar with all areas and divsions across Logan City - a challenge for some who live in suburban built up areas.

In our choices we should be looking to the future. How will who we vote for and what we ask impact on the future. LACA is not anti development per se but continuing as we have done in the past will not provide safe healthy environment for our children - or native species.

The multitude of roads being planned is scary. Council is unable to maintain what we have, how can we build more? If we continue to make no provision for safe wildlife movements  - will we have any wildlife left? Already with the road maintenance and closures altering traffic wildlife carers are reporting more road trauma and death.

LACA is working with the NO PRC group to have Logan Council's decision to support this gateway extension tollway / mororway overturned. What candidates will assist us with this - understand the environmental consequences. You can follow group on Facebook as well.

We will hold our Beaudesert meeting as usual - see calendar. If you have any LOGAN issues you want to discuss please contact us - see contact page.

All are welcome to attend either or both monthly meetings and raise any issue that relates to any aspect of environmental protection and education.






Shaping Logan's community facilities - Logan City Council

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Council is developing a Community Infrastructure Strategy to determine the type and range of community facilities required in Logan City as the population grows. Council has seleted a group of people to participate in a Community Reference Group. The people chosen live or work in Logan and volunteer or use facilities such as Sport and recreation clubs, Community organisations eg Multi-cultural, Meals on Wheels, Community Centres, Respite Centres, Major venues - eg: Indoor Sports Centres, Aquatic Venues, Entertainment Centres, Community halls, neighbourhood centres, kindergartens, PCYC, Schools, preschools and tertiary institutions.

This is a significant planning project for community in partnership with Council Officers and council is to be commended for this strategic partnership.

As a member of Logan and Albert Conservation Association, longterm resident and teacher in Logan since 1984, Kathy Faldt completed an expression of interest for Council's Social Planning Team. Their contact is 3412 4631 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This information is available here.

Each member of the Community Reference Group has been provided with a link to the council's online SURVEY and this where to find it. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/cis 

If you know anyone without computer access or skills here is a copy you can print off for them. Survey_Community_Infrastructure_LCC_August2010.pdf  Bytes 01/01/1970, 10:00

Paper copies of survey closed 20 August 2010. Online survey closes 17 September - but get your response in asap please. 

As a longterm committed conservationist and environmentalist I recognise the value that ecosystem services provided by the natural environment - the biodiversity infrastructure - plays an invaluable role in providing essential resources for human health wellbeing and development. In America there is an extensive program to ensure that children have opportunities to experience the natural environment.

Field Notes from the Future provides more detail on this movement and the work of Richard Louv. http://www.childrenandnature.org/blog/ 




Greater Flagstone Planning Options

Last Updated on 12 March 2012
Council has released three draft development options for the Greater Flagstone area, which includes Flagstone, Greenbank, New Beith and Undullah and now seeks your valuable input by the close of business Friday 18 December 2009

Logan City Council have your say

Last Updated on 12 March 2012


but only if you tell all levels of government what you want


IS EXTINCTION OF THE LOCAL KOALA to be the cost of building houses shops powerlines and roads



 The Logan City council planning scheme is being reviewed to combine 3 plans into one. The first round of community comment is in relation to the Statement of Proposals. This is a 20 page document with comments  due by 23 October 2009.  This link gives you that document.

In March 2008, as a result of local government reform, Logan City's boundaries were expanded to include part of Gold Coast City and part of the former Beaudesert Shire. Logan City Council sees itself as an accommodating partner in the Bligh government's SEQRP - a plan supposedly to manage the growth that is coming. As it stands now. the South East Regional Plan - and local town plans that endorse and even extend the urban footprint - as Logan requested - are plans that are annihilating koala habitat and therefore the local koala. Submissions may include why you support or oppose what Council is proposing, other issues you think need to be considered.


Logan City Council submission to SEQRP 2009-2031

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Logan City Council's submission to the draft South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 does not yet appear to be available directly on council's website. However it is

accessible in full as part of the minutes of the general meeting of 4 August 2009. Read the minutes and submission here. Go to PD4 File No: 399117-1 Id No: 5977012

You may - or may not - be surprised that Logan asked state government to extend the urban footprint in areas such as Logan Village, Jimboomba, Bahr's Scrub and North Maclean..

Does this reflect your lifestyle values?


Natural Environmental Communication Forum

Last Updated on 12 March 2012


Are you concerned about an ecologically sustainable future for Logan and all who live within the boundaries of almost 1000 square kilometres of the combined low density rural residential north Beaudesert area and the more urban settlements of Logan?


We all, the residents and citizens of Logan, have an opportunity to work together to learn to protect and enhance the natural environment. This does and will provide habitat and homes for the many native animals and  also sustain the sub-tropical atmaosphere which we humans enjoy so much. Many creatures are being displaced and killed as a result of inappropriate clearing of vegetation.

A rapidly increasing human population is the driving force behind the eight proposed major development areas in Logan City. There has been no analysis of the carrying capacity of South East Queensland to place perhaps some constraints and conditions on developments.

The land has been, and is still, treated as a commodity from which we make money. The real cost has seldom been paid. With genuine ecologically sustainable development a balance can be achieved.

To take part in this forum you must belong to an incorporated group and be nominated as their representative. All members of such groups can raise concerns at group meetings and these may be included in the forum discussions.


New Committee Structure and leadership team Logan City Council

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Logan City Deputy Mayor, Councillor Russell Lutton, in supporting the new structure and leadership team, commended the decision to establish the new City Leadership Cabinet and said that the new Cabinet has been appointed to oversee the direction of the city and to ensure improved process and quality of decision-making in Standing Committees.  

The new structure and leadership team were formally ratified at a Special Meeting of Council May 19, 2009.


GREENBANK - Group does not need a hierarchy

Last Updated on 12 March 2012


Thank you to the reporters of Jimbooma Times for attending and covering community meetings. Many residents are interested in their community but are unable to attend meetings.

Letters to the editors allow us to air our views - not all of which are published.

This following letter to the editor is important for a few reasons. One of these is that it is essential that accuracy of reporting is important. What may have been discussed around the topic either before or after the meeting should not be presented as decisions within the meeting.

LETTER reads:

AS a resident and a community worker I have an aversion to incorrect information being disseminated in the community.
The article 'New centre is needed' published in the Jimboomba Times, 18 February 2009, states that 'Greenbank residents have voiced their support for a New Community Centre'.
I was one of the handful of community members in attendance, this does not represent 'the Greenbank residents' .
At the meeting several notions were discussed and notes taken at the meeting do not reflect support for a 'New Community Centre' .
As this group was accepted as a 'working group' by the few in attendance there is no need for a hierarchy.
This group was also accepted as an nominated by the community. This allows for community participation and input into formalising the working group.
The article omits information that four community members were nominated from the floor and that two of the nominees accepted the invitation to be a part of the working group.
Looking for funds at this point is not a viable option, there is much to be done before submissions can be made for land or a building. It can only be a vision and goal to work towards if the community agrees that this is what they want. The decision needs to be based on a majority of residents and not just eight or nine members. I urge the community to voice their opinions and have real input into this project.
Felicity Senhenn Greenbank



Living in Logan - best asset ...our people HAVE YOUR SAY

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

haveyoursay_copy.jpgPeople living in Logan are being encouraged via Council Comment of Jimboomba Times 25 February 2009 speak out and have a say.

 Regional plan
OUR best asset is without a doubt our people and your opinions are being sought on the future of Logan and the south-east region.

The Draft South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 is now open for public comment.
Aimed at managing growth in a sustainable way, the draft plan will ensure the quality of life we enjoy in the south-east is protected and enhanced.

It tells us where and how the region will grow, guiding us to create well-planned developments. while also maintaining the existence of green space and environmental corridors. The draft plan is open for submissions until 3 April 2009, so I encourage you all to have your say and help shape our future.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Cr Ban on 3412 5912, 0411 869 027 or email at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

14 March 2009 Chambers Flat Community Hall is the venue for a community workshop to raise awareness, discuss issues, allow you opportunity to ask questions and have a say about the Draft South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 .

Cr Graham Able will be opening the community workshop with speakers from Logan and Albert Conservation Association, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland and Environmental Defenders Organisation. [LACA, WPSQ and  EDO].


Bike park closure sparks concern

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

jimb_times_sm.jpgHenry Tuttiet journalist from the Jimboomba Times reported the concerns of local residents who have used the motocross park Black Duck Valley facilities for many years. It is also a concern that illegal trail bike riding in Logan City may increase as a result of the closure of this popular motocross park .

The popular park, located outside Gatton, has been forced to close down after it was unable to find insurance options to cover the park and the riders using it. Before its closure, the park was popular with trail bike riders who could legally ride on the 1500 acre property without worrying about police or disturbing nearby residents. The closure comes at a bad time for park operators and users, both of whom were gearing up for a busy Christmas period.

It is understood a group of concerned mayors from south-east Queensland, including Logan Mayor Pam Parker, Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale and Lockyer Valley Mayor Steve Jones, have joined forces and plan to meet with Premier Anna Bligh to discuss future options for the park.


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