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Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:15

 KOALA SIGHTINGS (Browns Plains to Veresdale Scrub, Yatala to Ipswich City) 

Tlaca2400he koala sightings in the map shown (click to enlarge) have been reported  to WILDNET (Department of Environment and Resource Management) by the community and other scientific experts, and are current to June 2009 and include historically observations as well.  The koala population in the Mount Lindesay North Beaudesert area have NEVER been properly surveyed by any local council or by state government and these WILDNET sightings provide very valuable information for the local area when no other detailed studies have been undertaken.

 LACA encourages the community to continue to report their valuable wildlife sightings from their local area or from other areas the community may visit.     



This WILDNET map reveals that there are numerous sightings of koalas to the north and south of Camp Cable Rd and east and west of Waterford -Tamborine Rd. RSPCA and residents have reported collecting dead and injured koalas from the vicinity of the new Camp Cable Rd and surrounding areas.   There are already existing cleared easements for Powerlink easements ( north of Camp Cable Rd) and Energex easements (south of Camp Cable Rd) that create barriers for koala movement and increase the length of time that koalas may spend moving over open ground and therefore place koalas at greater risk of cars and dog attack.  Local residents along Camp Cable Rd have already noted a decline in visits by native animals as a result of the construction of the new alignment for Camp Cable Rd a few years ago.  Energex's own IAR report from June 2009 acknowledges that current powerline easements already fragment habitat and this proposed route will continue to fragment and degrade the habitat further with further negative impacts on local and regional significant fauna species such as koalas.

LACA has been assisting the group VETO (Veto Energex Towers Organisation) since November 2008 when Energex indicated its intent to construct a powerline along Logan Reserve Rd , to cross the Logan River SEVEN times (involving 14 sites in total to be cleared along the Logan River )  , crossing the Geoff Philip Bridge to go east onto Waterford -Tamborine Rd and then west along the Camp Cable Road easement. The existing Camp Cable Rd powerline easement is now 20 metres wide and if upgraded will have a 33 KV line and a 110 Kv line that would need an easement of 40 metres wide (20 metres wider that what exists now along the southern side of Camp Cable Rd).   The preferred route along the Logan River, Waterford-Tamborine Rd and Camp Cable Rd would be above ground and involved the removal of vegetation including endangered, of concern and not of concern remnant vegetation.


The National Koala Strategy acknowledges that the status of the koala is vulnerable in South-east Queensland and least concern in the rest of the state as listed under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. The population of koalas in the Koala Coast in Redlands Council has been nominated for endangered status under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. The koala is a protected species in Queensland and cannot be taken, used or kept without a permit. The legislation notes the cultural significance of the koala and requires that government agencies consider the management measures necessary to conserve existing koala populations.  Read more at this federal government biodiversity website


Throughout Queensland, the Department of Environment and Resource Management has identified areas of state or regional significance to preserve natural values of an area. These corridors are developed based on regional ecosystems (REs) and vegetation of both state and regional significance from data sourced from the Queensland Herbarium. There are two critical bioregional corridors that are impacted by this proposed Energex route.

 - the Logan River bioregional corridor

 - a 4 kilometre wide bioregional corridor (the centre of which is located approximately half way along Camp Cable Rd)  which runs north to Stockleigh , Logan River , Chambers Flat, Munruben and Greenbank to connect up with the Flinders Peak to Karawatha Corridor and south to Munduloon Rd, Cedar Vale and Veresdale Scrubto connect up with the Birnam Range.

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