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Carbon and koalas collide at COP15

Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:20

carbon-and-koalasCOP15At Copenhagen, the Australian Koala Foundation (AFK)  argues two things:

1. Protecting the koala forests of Australia is an imperative step towards reducing greenhouse emissions in Australia and,

2. AKF science shows it will be impossible to replace the carbon in those forests if they are destroyed.

You can watch the video footage at www.climatetalks.tv

This link  will take you the page with free material to broadcast and online news usage.

From Deborah's diary...

When I return to Australia I want to speak with my Board because I believe even though we know the koala forests are filled with carbon, what must never be lost is just the fundamental respect we have to have for the forests of the world. I believe this is what HRH Prince Charles will be speaking about tomorrow and I must never forget this.

I spoke with one of the Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) negotiators, and she told me that mostly the delegates writing the legislation for REDD are bureacrats from countries all over the world - many of whom have never seen a koala, a forest or any sort of animal. They have been 'educated' by these hardworking NGO's that I have come to respect very much, but they tend to focus on the 'additionality' or 'co-benefits', which means that there might be an animal in there, or some benefit to a local tribe (the lack of respect for the indigenous people of the world just keeps coming through time and time again), but of course all of this still does not apply to Australia. They remind me of the paper shufflers I have met in every Government Department in Australia. Remind me to tell you about the latest letter I received from the Queensland Government by the way.

The whole process is soul-less. It concerns me greatly. I believe it could be so much simpler:

1. Map what we have.
2. Protect the biodiversity that is fundamental to us as a planet.
3. Protect the rivers so we have clean water.
4. Clean up the mess we have created.
5. Plant more trees
6. Grow more vegetables.
7. Provide a future for our children.

I honestly haven't seen anything as simple as this, except from the indigenous people who are here and, like the koala, don't seem to be heard.



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