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How wide is Mt Lindesay Highway?

Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:20

How wide is Mt Lindesay Highway? How many lanes?

LACA's  webmaster has received an anonymous email request to correct our data about the number of lanes planned for Mt Lindesay Highway. The anonymous request stated that Mt Lindesay Highway would be only 6 lanes wide. Logan and Albert Conservation members have had many meeting with officers from Mains Road - especially since the upgrade at Jerry's Downfall Reserve in the Chambers Creek Catchment.

What has been engineered there does not include adequate wildlife provisions. Due to LACA's repeated insistance some modifications have been made.

At Jerry's Downfall Reserve in the Chambers Creek Catchment there are 4 service lanes with an unacceptably high speeed limit with the intention to upgrade the main carriageway from the current 4 lanes to 6 lanes.

In my calculations that is 10 lanes. LACA has had detailed discussions with Main Roads designers about the length of the proposed wildlife dry culvert under the completed road construction. There is no evidence that wildlife will travel the necessary 100 metres under the road.

This is Main Roads best 'mitigation' for wildlife in this wetland catchment area. Any other would cost too much? This was the best outcome offered even after meeting with environmental sections at Logan and former EPA now DERM officers. This has been ongoing since 2005 and continues. Original consultation was 2002, approved when money became available.

It is a game of semantics - or misinformation - to insist it is only 6 lanes. Long term 10 lanes to Beaudesert is the 'vision' - unless it changes?

LACA appreciates that our website is being followed and we appreciate being advised of any errors. 

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