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LOGAN residents meet your local councillor in November

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

coffee-beans-measured_h150.jpgAs part of the Silent Voices forum, attendees received an invitation to meet with Mayor Pam Parker and Division 11 Councillor Hajnal Ban. Come along and  Share a cuppa with the Mayor

When       Friday 21 November 2008

Where     Zarraffa's Coffee Shop Cusack Lane Jimboomba (near Coles).

Council's website advises that Division Six residents will have the opportunity to chat with Councillor Luke Smith during two community consultation days planned for November. See website for details. Bookings were needed for 2 days - 20 and 21 November. If successful, Cr Smith will continue to meet with residents in Loganholme and Bethania on a regular basis throughout 2009. Former Beaudesert Shire residents had monthly  'councillor access meetings'.

Seems this is not a common practice in Logan. We really appreciated knowing that opportunity was available - without booking. Are Logan councillors too busy to schedule some community access time?


Logan City Silent Voices Forum - WHAT WE SAID we wanted in western Logan

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Residents living in western areas of Logan were invited to attend community forums held in Greenbank, Jimboomba and Logan Village. Council invited us to share your thoughts about life in our local area and how it could be improved or enhanced. The forum outcomes will inform service providers and Council of the projects the community considers most important.The outcomes will be collated and published on councils' website.

The big question is will they actually hear what we say and try to process further actions to meet our needs? Last forum was held at Greenbank Rural Fire Brigade, Ison Road  Wednesday 12 November, 2008.

We also said that we valued our rural lifestyle and quality of life granted by benefits of both bush beauty and ecosystem services.




Sneaky politics the only winner and Crs 'gagged'

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

jteditorialsm.jpgSNEAKY politics had a win at Logan City Council's ordinary meeting last week.
But more importantly, ratepayers got their first true glimpse since the new council was sworn in of how politics is played in Logan City, and the picture painted was not pretty.
Deputy Mayor Russell Lutton's successful attempt to bypass debate and alter the recommendations attached to a confidential planning and development committee item should alarm Logan City ratepayers. Obviously unwilling to accept the recommendations put forward, Cr Lutton rallied enough votes to have a previous set of recommendations reinstated and the new recommendations dumped.
Some may say ‘that is democracy' as Cr Lutton had the numbers on the day, but it was the way the Deputy Mayor went about having the recommendations altered which is cause for concern.  His latest move ensures relations between two factions which have appeared within Logan City Council will remain frosty. It also raises questions as to why Cr Lutton felt no additional debate was required on what most councillors have described as an item likely to have a "significant" impact on the city's growth.
Crs 'gagged'  By Henry Tuttiett  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
jimb_times_sm.jpgTHE veil of unity at Logan City Council has been shed as infighting between councillors boiled over during debate on a confidential planning and development report last week.

Although the report remains confidential, Jimboomba Times understands it concerns a submission to the State Government including information on the future development of North MacLean .

The report was titled 'Growth Management Core Matters' and was confidential under section 463 (l)(h) of the Local Government Act 1993 which states, "other business for which a public discussion would be likely to prejudice the interests of the local government or someone else, or enable a person to gain a financial advantage".

Division 11 Councillor Hajnal Ban accused Deputy Mayor Russell Lutton of intentionally gagging the debate after he moved a procedural motion on the confidential planning report.

The details could not be debated in open council due to the confidential nature of the report and the motion was adopted.

The motion made redundant a set of recommendations previously agreed upon by councillors, instead reverting to the original recommendations.

The move created immediate unrest among councillor ranks with Crs Ban, Darren Power and Aidan McLindon recording their dissent against the motion and Sean Black recording his against the entire planning and development report.

Cr Ban said she was disgusted at how the issue was handled.

"I am not going to speak about anything in the report because obviously it's confidential," Cr Ban said
."But I think the way this was handled was deplorable. It makes a mockery of the local government process and democracy.

 "Cr Ban said Cr Lutton intentionally moved the motion to block debate on the item, which she called "significant".

"I am disgusted the Deputy Mayor would move a motion which effectively gagged debate," she said.

"It didn't even allow the opportunity to move into closed session to debate. He was well within his right to do so but I don't think that item, as significant as it is should have been handled that way." .

Despite the report's confidential status, Cr Black hinted it had major implications for North MacLean.

"The biggest fear I have is I don't support the North MacLean precinct, where it's at," Cr Black said.

"It's not worth destroying the lives of the people living there. The revolting way the whole issue has been handled by council, long term, will be viewed by the public in a very poor light.

"The way it's been handled will enrage the community. It enraged me."

Cr McLindon said Cr Lutton's motion was politically motivated and unethical.

"At the executive (meeting prior to the ordinary meeting) we had all the amendments in front of us and everyone was happy. It's legal what they did but I don't think it was ethical."

Despite the motion, Cr McLindon said he did not think the report should have been confidential in the first place.

"It's secret politics and I don't like it at all," he said.

Planning and development committee chair Cr Cherie Dalley declined to comment while Cr Lutton did not return phone calls from Jimboomba Times.
• Editorial, page 32



Logan Council - Environment and Sustainability

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

If you are interested to follow discussions and decisions made by council concerning Environment and Sustainability issues, one way is to read the minutes of meetings. Council in May agreed to participate in EPAs Koala Habitat Mapping program and also a Queensland University research project called Conserving species in Human Modified Landscapes. The document for the committee meeting Tuesday 27 May 2008 is available on Logan's website.  

The minutes of the previous meeting, available here contains discussion about State of Environment Queensland 2007.

The release of the report was widely reported in the media with the key issue of our ecological footprint being 7.19 global hectares which is three and a half times the world average. Whilst it states that this is 2% less than the Australian average, it must be recognised that this is very much a consumption based measure and the Australian average reflects more on the higher consumption rates of major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.
Other key issues of relevance include:-
• Queensland's greenhouse gas emissions increased by 4.9% from 1999 to 2004 despite the reduction in tree clearing which contributed a fall of 26.2% for that sector of the emissions.
• Air quality remains good with few exceedences of the Air National Environment Protection Measure (NEPM) and where they occurred in SEQ it was the result of essential burning programs and bushfires.
• Atmospheric concentrations of Ozone depleting substances continue to fall.
• The States wetlands continue to be lost at the rate of 7,000 hectares per year.

• Salinity is expected to affect 3.1 Million hectares by 2050.
• The Brisbane and Logan estuaries are reported for poor water quality.
• Point source discharges of nitrogen and phosphorus have reduced slightly but no data is available on diffuse discharges.

Meeting dates are available online here.


Councillors to clash over precinct plan for North Maclean

Last Updated on 20 March 2015

jimb_times_sm.jpgMatthew Killoran and Brenton Waters co-authored an aticle in the Jimboomba Times Wednesday 18June 2008 page 3. Local residents are most perturbed to read that Phil Pidgeon is supporting the inclusion of this Enterprise Precinct after they 'won over' the former local government body - Beaudesert Shire Council - with the assistance of the local councillor for that area Division 4 - Cr Hajnal Ban.

 The text of the article reads

COUNCILLORS Hajnal Ban and Phil Pidgeon are headed for a clash over the North Maclean Enterprise Precinct as council (Logan City)works on its submission for the South East Queensland Regional Plan review. Industrial development plans for North Maclean drew widespread outrage when they were included in the State Government's initial South East Queensland Regional Plan.
At the time, the issue split the then Beaudesert Shire Council with Cr Ban arguing passionately against the proposal, despite several of her colleagues at first disapproving of her stance. Cr Ban, who sided with residents upset by the proposal. was e\ventually successful in winning oyer her colleagues who voted in favour of informing the State Government's now defunct Office of Urban Management (OCM) that the precinct was not needed.
The issue is set to reignite however after the enterprise precinct was included in the regional plan rev'iew, currently under way. Cr Ban said the "contentious" proposal should be removed permanently from the plan. "It's been a bone of contention for a number of years:' she said.
"Beaudesert Shire Council had a submission that the precinct be removed from the next review of the plan. ''I'm hopeful Logan City Council will adopt the position as well and support the removal of this precinct." However, Cr Ban may struggle to gain the support of all of her fellow colleagues with at least one speaking out against her position.
Cr Pidgeon has backed the precinct plans which he said could spark investment in North Maclean. "I think there has been significant ad hoc development in that area and my position is that it is a great idea to consolidate that," he said.
"It makes a lot of common sense to consolidate it and allow a bit more development on both sides of the highway to happen. I can't understand Cr Ban's position. Where would she suggest industry be located if not beside the highway? Does she want to put it in residential areas?"
Cr Pidgeon said the issue was yet to come to full council but when it did he expected a "very informed" debate to take place. Council is developing a submission on the South East Queensland Regional Plan as part of the State Government's review, but details will be kept confidential.

This statement of confidentiality does not foster confidence in openness and transparency in government. The stated intention of the SEQ Regional Plan is to contain urban sprawl. "Very informed" debate can only take place when data has been collected, read and digested by those debating the issues. This was one of the residents' initial concerns - availability of sufficienct ground truthed data.

 A copy of the former council's media release is available here and says in part

"It is Council's opinion that the North Maclean Investigation Area is not required for enterprise purposes for the foreseeable future." By removing the enterprise precinct designation, the land would revert to regional landscape and rural production. "We now know that there will be a good balance between jobs and the population growth in our new cities and are able to clarify our long-term intent for the development of this land at North Maclean," Cr Cockburn said.
He said the State Government had originally designated North Maclean as an investigation area for a possible enterprise precinct in its South East Queensland Regional Plan.
Cr Hajnal Ban said she was happy with the outcome, given the environmental constraints of the land and residents' feelings on the issue. "I am pleased that the outcome has finally been determined. It gives the local community certainty about the future of North Maclean. I would also like to acknowledge the hard
work and effort put in by the community who actively participated throughout this process and fought against the enterprise precinct."

The local community must be given the opportunity to be involved if Logan City Council want to overturn the community wishes which were supported by their previous local government.





Climate Change in Logan

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Two documents Climate Change Strategy 2008 and Climate Change Mitigation Action Plan are available for download and comment on council's website by 30 May 2008. To have your say an online feedback form is available.


LCC Website

Last Updated on 12 March 2012

Click on the link to visit Logan City Council website.



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