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Natural Environmental Communication Forum

Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:20


Are you concerned about an ecologically sustainable future for Logan and all who live within the boundaries of almost 1000 square kilometres of the combined low density rural residential north Beaudesert area and the more urban settlements of Logan?


We all, the residents and citizens of Logan, have an opportunity to work together to learn to protect and enhance the natural environment. This does and will provide habitat and homes for the many native animals and  also sustain the sub-tropical atmaosphere which we humans enjoy so much. Many creatures are being displaced and killed as a result of inappropriate clearing of vegetation.

A rapidly increasing human population is the driving force behind the eight proposed major development areas in Logan City. There has been no analysis of the carrying capacity of South East Queensland to place perhaps some constraints and conditions on developments.

The land has been, and is still, treated as a commodity from which we make money. The real cost has seldom been paid. With genuine ecologically sustainable development a balance can be achieved.

To take part in this forum you must belong to an incorporated group and be nominated as their representative. All members of such groups can raise concerns at group meetings and these may be included in the forum discussions.


How successfully this 'forum' will operate is yet to be tested. This is however hopefully an open transparent arrangement. The manager of the project is Jim McDonald. Please contact him with all enquiries.

The second meeting is planned for Tuesday 18 August 2009, 3.00 - 6.00 pm. We hope to negotiate a more suitable time for the people who have not yet 'retiired' from paid employment to spend their time on conservation issues.

As a member group we would welcome any inquiries also. Land acquisition and connectivity of wildlife corridors are two 'big issues' of concern to our members.

The agenda has been sent to participants and the nominated topics for discussion include the following:

  • Wildlife corridors & preservation of wetlands (Doc # 6077130).
  • Erosion & sedimentation of Oxley Creek (Doc # 6077134).
  • Flinders-Greenbank-Karawatha Biodiversity Corridor and FGK MOU (Doc # 6077137).
  • Waste Management - Phasing out the use of plastic bags by retailers in Logan (Doc # 6077149).
  • Development in conservation areas (Doc # 6077153).
  • Johnson Road 4 lane upgrade (Doc # 6077158).
  • Koala habitat protection (Doc # 6077163).
  • Creating a culture of compliance with Water Sensitive Urban Design (Doc # 6077174).
  • Urgent need for systematic management of biodiversity and communication strategy (Doc # 6077116).
  • Educating Joe Public about being environmentally friendly and mapping to secure our wildlife's future (Doc # 6077864).
  • North Beaudesert ,MLNBSA and Beenleigh Environs (Doc # 6077202).

Attendees will include Logan City Council staff (LCC) - Jim McDonnell, Michael Asnicar, Bruce James, Stewart Wall, Elspeth McEachern, Janelle Storey and an invitation has been extended to all Councillors, and representatives from Logan and Albert Conservation Association (LACA), Logan-Albert Rivers Catchment Association (LARC), Oxley Creek Catchment Association (OCCA), Bird Observation and Conservation Australia (BrisBOCA), Protecting Australia's Wilfelife (PAW) Inc, and The Web Incorporated (BREC).

Image credits Barry Fitzpatrick 'Bio-diverse-city' painting.  

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