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Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 May 2015 05:58

survey 300x225COMMUNITY CONCERNS - tick your concerns on the attached Word document and return to address provided.

Email or letterbox or post.

docNORTH-MACLEAN_COMMUNITY-SURVEY-March2015.doc25/03/2015, 10:59

The following list is included BUT PLEASE ADD ANY OTHERS THAT CONCERNS YOU

  • The community was never been consulted about industrial land use at North Maclean before or during 1996 or in 2005?
  • The community has never been given the right to ‘SAY NO’ to industry in a rural residential area
  • Industry at North Maclean was not removed , after 2007 when the Beaudesert Shire Council wrote to the Office of Urban Management requesting its removal
  • Medium and light industry is not compatible with existing rural residential community
  • No buffers between industry and existing residential areas
  • Increased heavy vehicle and motor vehicle traffic 
  • Air pollution impact
  • Odour impacts from industrial uses
  • Water Quality in tank water concerns
  • Noise pollution for people ( eg operational noises, trucks beeping, cleared areas and increase distance of noise travel, security alarms day and night)
  • Increased risk of storm water pollution and runoff ( NE of site, south of site, SW of site) into creeks and Logan River, loss of recreational assets
  • Increased risk of flooding
  • Unknown hours of operation  (weekdays, weekends)
  • Light pollution at night and impacts on adjacent residential areas
  • Increased grafitti
  • Increased vandalism
  • Road safety risks for local traffic, families and children
  • Loss of rural residential amenity and character for local communities eg walking, cycling along local streets, loss of peace and quiet , no native wildlife
  • Increased rubbish and unsecured loads
  • Lack of public transport
  • Car parking problems for cars and heavy vehicles
  • Decrease in land and property values 
  • Clearing of federally endangered vegetation community – Melaleuca irbyana ( unique to Jimboomba and Ipswich areas) 
  • Clearing of endangered remnant vegetation
  • Clearing of advanced regrowth vegetation
  • No vegetation buffers being kept along waterways and wetland areas on the site
  • Loss of connected habitat for native wildlife (eg hollows, vegetation, food sources, clean waterways and wetlands)
  • Loss of large core habitat areas in the local area and region ( North Maclean/Munruben/Greenbank, Greater Flagstone, LCC, SE Qld. )
  • Loss of habitat links between the Logan River and bioregional corridor north of Crowson Lane
  • Increased risk of storm water pollution and runoff ( NE of site, south of site, SW of site), with impacts on wildlife, aquatic plants and animals
  • Downstream impacts of sediment and pollution on Logan River
  • Pollution ( noise, air, odour, light) and impacts on wildlife
  • Increased road kill of native animals e.g. quolls, koalas, possums, birds, kangaroos, red neck wallabies, frogs, reptiles
  • Local and regional extinction of wildlife species in this location – North Maclean ,Greater Flagstone area e.g. quolls, koalas, kangaroos, red neck wallabies



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