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Biodiversity hotspot at Bahrs Scrub

Last Updated on Monday, 12 March 2012 14:20

Biodfrontpageiversity is at the very heart of the survival of our human race and life on earth as we know it now. What we also know is that our present day activities and ways of living are having an enormous and detrimental impact on the planat and all of its species.

We all need each other to survive - yet we continue to whittle away at little bits - without being able to see the bigger picture.

Some plants within BAHRS SCRUB are unique - existing no where else in the world. Yet these plants are dependant on all surrounding pieces of biodiversity infrastructure. All eleven plants identified in the booklet are recognised as being endangered  by Queensland or Australian governments. Will these plants survive in their natural environment? Or will we clear the busland for human settlement?

How much do you value the bushland and its creatures and what they contribute to our cultural life health and well being?

Are you someone who believes it is still necessary for economic prosperity that we continue to destroy our bushland.  Only 200 years of western 'progress'  may not always be viewed as progress?

LACA is one of the member groups of the SAVE BAHRS SCRUB ALLIANCE. We are all appreciative that our application for funding for this flora booklet was successful with Logan City Council's Envirogrant 2010 program.

Please obtain a copy of the booklet - read and enjoy the beauty of what is uniquely ours in Logan - and look out for the LOCAL AREA PLAN due to be released Monday 8 November 2010 for community consultation. Please involve yourself in this consultation process.

Click here or on the image to be download a cpoy of the booklet from the Save Bahrs Scub Alliance website.

More will be posted when the plan is available 



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